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April 29, 2012

San Jose
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Big Sur International Marathon 2012

Fantastic weekend at the Big Sur International Marathon this weekend. Michelle, Gustavo and I ran and all of achieved great results. Michelle ran the full 26.2 mile Marathon in 4:15, Gustavo was third in his division at the 10.6 miler and Robin got first place in his division in the 10.6 miler.

I also met some nice running buddies. Dawn and Christine came from Phoenix, Arizona to run and enjoyed the nice cool weather on the coast. The Singh family from Cupertino came and I enjoyed running with Jignasa.

Michelle's run:click here. Robin's run:click here.
Michelle's Photos:click here. Robin's Photos: click here.
Jonas' Photos: click here. Expo Photos:click here.

We also had a fun and interesting day at the Expo on Saturday. Michelle and I attended talks by Dean Karnazes, Bart Yasso and Jeff Galloway. Ali took Jonas to the playground. We had a nice dinner followed by Ice Cream at Ghiradelli's in Monterey. The running was great. The conditions were cool and foggy with lots of sunshine at the finish. We enjoyed breakfast afterwards in Pacific Grove.

This is the third time I've been to BSIM. I have to say that it's a very well run event. The locals give you a great welcome. The scenery is simply spectacular. It's a terrific event with about 10,000 runners in the various events. Very highly recommended.

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