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December 31, 2012

San Jose
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Space Shuttle Endeavour

We had a 4 night vacation between Christmas and New Year. We drove to LA and went to visit Hollywood. Then we had two nights in Palm Springs and did some hiking in the desert. On New Year's Eve, we went to the California Science Center at the University of Southern California to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The Shuttles were retired in September 2012, and Endeavour is now on display in Los Angeles. All 6 Space Shuttles were built in California. I highly recommend a visit. It's an amazing sight.

And so another year comes to a close. We've had some good times this year: Going to England during the Olympics, visiting Fabio in Italy, the trip to New York State with my running buddy Michelle, the visit of Jamie and Colette were all great. I had a horrible/nightmare experience as a software contractor at Apple in Cupertino, however that was followed by returning to work with my friends at Novariant. Things have progressed well with my open source project ( I've been training with 'Go Far Run Club', and did 2 marathons and lots of shorter distances. I placed first in my division twice. I have to say I feel less optimistic than I did 12 months ago, however I look forward to 2013 and the challenges and adventures ahead.

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