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December 16, 2012

San Jose
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'Go Far' Holiday Party, 2012

I joined a running club in 2011. The club was started by Meghan and she's built it from nothing into a strong little community. An amazing achievement. I've not idea how members the group has. The "hard core" is about 40. This year we adopted our name "Go Far Run Club".

We had our Holiday Party in an Italian Restaurant in San Jose. About 25 turned up and we had a private room, so we could clap for prizes without disturbing other dinners. It was very nice.

Marcia had organized gifts from the members for Meghan and her co-organizer Mike. A framed poster of photos from the year and a "Bobble Head" statuette of themselves. An unique and thoughtful gift. Thanks Marcia for thinking of this, and for organizing the gifts.

There was a huge effort put into the party by somebody. The table decorations, a gift for everybody, and a raffle with prizes for everybody. I'll give credit to our leaders and Josh - Meghan's husband and invisible force of sanity in the group! If somebody else should be thanked for this, please let me know because I want to also thank you.

Prizes for the stars of 2012. Marcia and David were given certificates for the most frequent members to turn up at club events. Well done both of you. I'd like to thank Billy and Bernadette, David and Stephanie for your delightful company at the dinner table.

So "Happy Holidays" to all the "Go Far" People. I've no doubt we'll share more fun days and injuries in 2013 !!

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