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August 17, 2013

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Trip to Scotland

We had a very nice trip to Scotland - 5 visits to friends and relatives in a week!

  1. Attending the Ruby Wedding of my cousin Harold and his wife Marion in Edinburgh.
  2. A visit "home" to Ayrshire. Thank You Pat and Stewart.
  3. A visit to my cousin in Inverkip, Renfrewshire. Thank You Margaret and Ian.
  4. Lunch in Edinburgh with Candace's Mom. Thank You Debbie and Kenny.
  5. Visiting long lost friends in the Borders. Thank You Jennifer and Tom.

All those exciting little adventures were not photographed with my normal over-enthusiasm. We only arrived in the UK on Thursday afternoon and I had jet-lag. I forgot to pick up the camera when we set off for Scotland on Saturday morning. I was able to use my iPod of course. It's an awesome device for $299 and has cameras front and back. The photos are OK and the device is convenient. I didn't take photos of our hosts. Maybe they don't want their photos on the web anyway.

Scotland looks in pretty good shape. Edinburgh looked as amazing as always. The light nights in Ayrshire and the views to Arran are fantastic. However the real treat in Scotland is the welcome from our friends and family. Thank You. Ali and I love and appreciate your generosity and hospitality.

The BIG ISSUE in Scotland is the Independence Referendum in 2014. We asked folks about this and the consensus was "We will not vote for Independence.". Well, we'll see. I think it might be close. If Scotland had voted "Yes" in 1979, the economic lot of Scotland would be better today. Scotland would have enjoyed more benefit from North Sea Oil. Independence would have had a positive effect on Scottish determination. On the other hand, the relationship with England and the European Union works. And the Scottish Parliament sits in Edinburgh. There's a strong case for saying "No".

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