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April 28, 2013

San Jose
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Google Summer of Code Proposals

Apart from working and running, I have a rather time-consuming hobby. I actively contribute to the open source project Exiv2. This is a Software Library to manage metadata in digital image and video files. The code was beautifully written in C++ by a very talented Engineer called Andreas. My contribution is to encourage folks to use his technology. In additional to taking care of cross-platform builds, I deal with many of the questions and discussions on the forum. The code is very reliable, stable and there are few bugs.

Google have a program to encourage students from around the world to contribute to open source. Students may propose to work on an approved project for 3 months during their summer recess. Students are supervised by an experienced mentor and rewarded with a 'stipend' and the positive experience of working on live shipping code. In February, I was invited to propose a project, and two young men have worked hard to produce proposals. It has been an interesting experience to mentor Tuan and Nehal during March and April. The proposals are private. Competition is fierce. We'll have to wait until mid-May to find out if either student has been successful.

The invitation to propose came via our good friends at KDE. The outline project specification is here: KDE Outline Specification The Full Specification is here: Full Specification

You know I enjoy every aspect of computer graphics and I used OmniGraffle Professional on the Mac to produce the drawings to be included in the student's proposals. However I like them so much, I feel compelled to show them off on

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