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November 20, 2013

San Jose
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New Drive and Patio - Phase 1 Complete

We've been doing work on our home in Camberley, Surrey, England in preparation for our retirement. Our son, his wife and grandkids have been living there for years and the house has been rather neglected. We've defined three phases for the work to be carried out in 2013/14/15. We have now completed Phase 1. Inside we have repaired all the damage, repainted throughout and cleared the attic. Outside, the drive has been rebuilt, the patio has been repaved and the garden has been given a major hair-cut. The lawn has been repaired and the area below the oak tree has been cleared.

The star of all this activity has been my wife Alison who has both patience with everything and amazing skills with the paint brush. The blue paint in the dining room is fantastic. The room is once again beautiful.

The other star of the work is Gary Mather of RE Landscapes, Camberley. If you want landscaping done, I highly recommend Gary. He's honest, employs nice people and does great work at a reasonable price. These photos are testament to the skill of Gary and the crew. Next year, we will get Gary to complete the outdoor work by building "The Woodland Trail" and rebuilding the patio under the oak tree.

I'd also like to thank my son Jamie and his partner Colette and their dog Boris for the support and encouragement they have provided. Jamie has helped by lending us his car. Colette has been very sympathetic to the situation and helped us face the huge amount of work and expense that has been dropped on us. Boris has helped as only Boris can. For a longer description of the work click here.

We will retire to Camberley in 2014. My current contract at Adobe is until the end of March and hope it will be extended over the summer. We have to sell our place in San Jose and ship possessions to England. Alison will make a couple of long trips to England in 2014 and we hope to complete Phase 2, and to be living in Camberley by Christmas 2014. Phase 3 involves some construction work and will follow in 2015.

I am very happy to be working at Adobe and very proud of my long association with one of the world's best businesses. I am looking forward to retiring to Camberley and being closer to the family in Frimley and spending time with our lovely neighbors and friends in the United Kingdom. I'll miss the weather in California!

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