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November 20, 2014

Fall Trip 2014

To California
Big Sur Friday
Big Sur Saturday
Big Sur Sunday
Moving Michelle
Mountain View
To Sierras
Death Valley
Furnace Creek
Furnace Creek Inn
Furnace Creek Sunset
Highway 1
San Jose
San Francisco
Potrero Hill
Going Home
Fall Trip 2014 - California, Nevada, Arizona

We've enjoyed a great trip to the States. Thanks to all the wonderful people who provided accomodation along the way. Very much appreciated. I hope we'll enjoy your company in England and allow us to return your hospitality.

4 major parts of the trip:

  1. Camping at Big Sur
  2. Business in the Bay Area
  3. Road Trip to Arizona
  4. San Francisco

When we retired and sold our condo in San Jose, we were thinking to have a winter place in Arizona. So we put furniture and household goods into store in San Jose. We've changed our mind about Arizona and given our stuff and car to Michelle. Very happy about this.

The road trip was wonderful. We spent Halloween visiting friends in Montara, before heading over the Sierras. Staying at the Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley, California was a real treat. We had great fun, wonderful weather and visited friends in California, Nevada and Arizona. For sure, living in Arizona in winter is a great idea. Sadly it would be expensive and impractical. However I'm sure we'll have more trips to the beautiful state of Arizona. The trip finished off with a weekend in San Francisco - unquestionably one of the world's great cities.

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