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March 23, 2014

San Jose
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San Bernardino, California

Occasionally in life you meet somebody unforgettable. Albert Okura is unforgettable.

Albert has taken on the premises on the site of the Original McDonalds 15c Hamburger Bar in San Bernardino. He's established an "Unofficial" McDonalds Museum. It's a treasure trove of stuff from all over the world. The guide Brittnee was very nice and helpful.

She talked about the Wigwam Hotel and I had forgotten that it was in San Bernardino. She also suggested that we have lunch at Juan Pollo in W 5th Street. She said her boss Albert was usually there.

So we took her advice and I went to speak to Albert and thank him for preserving all this McDonalds stuff. It would be lost to the world without him.

So, Albert regaled us with his stories about the things he has done and his hopes to build a chain of fast chicken places in China or India. To be staffed by robots which work 24 hours per day, are never rude to customers and do a great job. All dreams start in somebody's head. There's a dream in Albert. He's an amazing man.

Albert gave us a copy of his book "The Chicken Man". We'll read this carefully, Albert. Thank You for spending time with us. It was GREAT!

In the afternoon we went to the Salton Sea. We stopped in a village hoping to stay the night. We were astonished at the poverity. It was hard to believe we were still in the United States. We returned to Indio and the Comfort Inn. The Reception Clerk has a talk show on local radio. We had no hesitation in recommending that she book Albert as a guest.

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