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September 21, 2014

Summer House

We've had a lot of fun and hard work this year in our Garden. We have built a Summer House and a new path which we call "The Woodland Trail". When I say, "We've Built", we've had lots of (paid for) help from "Always Digging", "RE Landscapes", "Landscape Supplies", "Garden Life and their contractors". And lots of support and encouragement from family, friends and neighbours. Thank You everybody who has contributed.

The Summer House is the most obvious and visible part of the project, however we've also restocked the garden with 75 new shrubs and thousands of bulbs. We've installed new lighting, cleaned up the overgrown mess behind our property, and furnished the patio. Thanks to Brian and Eileen for the new Gas Fired BBQ.

And the job isn't finished yet. We have a major project we hope to undertake in 2015. We've applied for planning permission to build a beautiful new entrance and upstairs lounge at the front. It'll also include a downstairs bathroom. Major changes are also planned for the interior. So more fun in 2015.

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