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March 27, 2014

San Jose
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40th Wedding Anniversary, Tombstone, Arizona

Today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary. We were married in the Memorial Chapel at Glasgow University on Wednesday March 27, 1974. Yes, it's a long time ago. Remarkably it doesn't seem a long time ago. Ali has hardly changed in 40 years. I'm happy with how I have aged. I weight less today than 40 years ago.

We've had a day in three parts. In the morning we toured the town of Bisbee where we are staying. This is a MUST VISIT historic copper mining town. It's really beautiful. Mining finished in the 1970s and the place is mostly populated by artists. It's a unique little town. A world class museum about the good old days of mining.

Then we drove about 20 miles to Tombstone. This is where the infamous "Gun fight at the OK Corral" took place. Federal Marshall Wyatt Earp, his 2 brothers and Doc Holliday gunned down 3 cowboys. There have been several movies made about this. What really happened that day and the motive of the Marshall has been debated ever since. It was really great. At $10 for a package of attractions including the actors re-creating events leading up to and a re-enactment of the incident. Is it tacky? Yes - partly. It is interesting? Yes - no question! A MUST VISIT place.

We had a beautiful dinner at the Cafe Roka. Lovely restaurant. Special of the day was a pepper steak. Ali had vegetarian lasagne. Margarita to get us relaxed. Lovely red wine with the steak. Perfect evening.

I wanted our Anniversary to be in a special place. The suite in the hotel is the most unusual place in which we have ever stayed. Comparable to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. "The Oriental Suite" is unlike any place I've ever seen. Lovely breakfast. Nice guests.

We celebrated our Silver (25 year) Anniversary in Sydney, Australia. I wrote a poem for Alison. It's just as true today.

Many bards have written over the years
To express sentiments of love into their lady's ears
"How do I love you. Let me count the ways"
OR "My love is like a red, red rose"
By comparison these verses are only like prose

But my words have the same intent
And to Ali these lines are lovingly penned
Some things have to be said
To the woman for a quarter century to whom I am wed

25 years may seem to some a long time
But to me it is only a start
For the woman to whom I am married
And to whom I have given my heart
A lifetime together isn't enough
To spend with a person when you're in love

It all began with a simple vow
And which I want to reaffirm now
"To have and to hold in sickness and in health
From this day forth
So long as we both shall live"

And so we are here in Sydney
To celebrate our Silver Anniversary
I'd like to propose a toast
To the woman I love the most
"Long life, good health
Happiness, contentment and wealth"
Join by saying "Cheers, Keepis, Slangie or Prost"

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