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April 3, 2015

Castle Howard

Castle Howard "Brideshead"

Castle Howard, North Yorks. One of the most beautiful stately homes in England. This was the location used in the TV series "Brideshead Revisited" one of the most successful dramas in British TV History. It was based on a book by Evelyn Waugh. A movie of the story was also shot at Castle Howard in 2008. The movie didn't enjoy the success of the 12 part series staring Jeremy Irons.

The house and gardens are really beautiful. This is a must visit. For 33 years I've wanted to come here and it's been worth the wait. Surpassed expectations. Very beautiful house. For sure, this house is a massive maintenance challenge. I wish everybody involved great success in this enterprise. This is a National Treasure.

And some words of thanks and appreciation for our hosts, Sue and Joe. Thank You for making us so welcome in your beautiful home and taking us to Castle Howard. We look forward to returning your hospitality in Surrey.

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