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24 December 2015

Christmas 2015

We've had a very exciting year building onto the front of our house. We're very happy to have engaged the services of Ace Construction of Aldershot to build "The Tower". Proprietor Keith and his son Brett have done a wonderful job. The construction work is almost done. 2 or 3 days left to complete the drive, porch and patio. "The Tower" looks amazing.

A lot remains to be done inside. Floor joists must be moved to accomodate the new stair which will run counter to present. There are numerous walls to be removed and Alison and I will have a smashing time taking care of that. There's lots of stud and floor work upstairs. When those tasks are complete, the heating, plasterer and electrical guys will make their contribution. In mid-February we have a carpenter and plumber booked. When they finish, Alison will paint and we hope the floor fitter will be here in April, followed by new furniture in May. We'll see.

We're planning a party on Saturday 28 May for all the wonderful people who have worked with us on this project. To say "Thank You" to everybody, we're planning a brochure about the project. Everybody will get a couple of printed copies which we hope they can use to help secure business in future. Current draft: click here.

The 3-D modelling and rendering of the building was performed by Sweet Home 3D which I highly recommend for any house design project.

I'd like to thank our son Jamie for his help with this project. It's been a long 3 year slog and he has been supportive every step of the way. Mind you, we spent more than 1 year in the States finishing up our life in California. The "icing on the cake" is Jamie's amazing idea for permanent drive lighting to illuminate "The Tower" at night.

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