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January 6, 2014


New Year 2015 in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

We went to Tenerife to join our Finnish Friend Veli-Veikko for New Year. Gosh, it's 30 years since I met VV in 1985. We've enjoyed at least ten vacations together over the years. We haven't seen him since we met him for New Year in Lanzarote in 2007. Many things have happened since then and none of them have killed us. So presumably, nothing too bad has happened. He's put on a chunk of weight. I'm about 10~15kg above my adult low of 65kg at New Year 2012. Resolution for 2015: get my weight back to 70kg and run Loch Ness Marathon on 27 September 2015.

We were very impressed by Tenerife generally and Puerto de la Cruz in particular. It's a very nice little city with interesting buildings, restaurants, shops and markets. It's a buzz of activity. We hired a car for 3 days and unfortunately only used 2 days. I was very sick with cold and spent the third day in bed. Not too sure how I managed to drive as far as I did on the first two days considering how I felt. No boozing. I haven't touched a drop since New Year.

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The island is a mix of things. Of course, it's first and foremost a Spanish beach resort. The Island's business is tourism and they deliver value and quality. We liked our hotel, the food, the restaurants, shops and leisure facilities - especially the lido complex. I bought a Sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS Macro HSM lens for my Nikon D5300 and very pleased with the lens and happy about the price. I paid less than the UK or US mail order price. The € is weak at the moment and VAT in the Canary Islands is only 7%, compared with 20%+ in most of Europe.

2015 is going to be another demanding year. We are expecting a grandson in March and looking forward very much to his arrival. We're going to visit the family in Texas in January and welcome visitors from California at Easter. Alison and I will tackle the remodelling of our home and looking forward to working with our contractor Keith and his son Brett. It'll be a lot of work and the result will be stunning.

My open source project is going fine. I completed Exiv2 v0.25 at Christmas. I expect there will be build issues and bugs before it is released in spring. Last August, I purchased a Mac Mini to run a Jenkins build/test server. Very pleased with the result. All code is built and tested when checked into our repository. I promised a plugin for Sweet Home 3D in January and look forward to getting that finished. I may decide to mentor on Google Summer of Code 2015, however it was a massive under-taking in 2013 (possibly 1000 unpaid hours). So, I will not casually say "yes" to that again.

I have no doubt there will be other events in 2015 which will shape the year. However we hope that by Christmas 2015, we will have finished fixing our home. I hope we'll be able to say "Check" to the first item on the bucket list and to have made lots of progress on items 2-5. We will "really" retire in 2016 when Alison and I will be 65. We'll have a round the world tour to go to places we haven't visited and to meet internet chums around the world.

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