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April 30, 2016

Juliet Balcony
and Awning

Juliet Balcony and Awning

Very pleased and excited to have finally completed a major element of our house remodelling project. Nigel and I have installed the Awning and the Juliet Balcony on the garden side of our property. This completes all the garden and landscaping work in our house.

In August 2013, Alison and I fell in love with this house all over again. We came home from California to do some decorating and sell the property. Instead we decided to retire here. We haven't regretted the decision for one second. We knew it would be a lot of work. We've tackled it and succeeded. It's even nicer than anticipated. It'll be 5-10 years before the new hedge (over the fence) is mature and the privacy of the garden is restored.

The room with the Juliet Balcony will be my office. So I'll work at home on my opensource project and have a beautiful view of our garden through the balcony. Life is great. So happy to be retired and pursuing our dreams and heart's desires.

I'd like to thank Nigel for installing the Awning and the Juliet Balcony. Both jobs were much more difficult than anticipated. However, Nigel is careful and patient and the result is great. The Awning was made by Primrose Awnings in Berkshire. The Juliet was made by Balcony Systems in Surrey.

Nigel and I didn't like the installation drawing for the Juliet, so I redrew it and sent it the manufacturer. Their drawing's on the left, and mine on the right.

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