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June 6, 2016

Trip to Yorkshire and Scotland

Photos: Buxton

We had a wonderful trip to Yorkshire and Scotland. We've been working very hard on our house remodelling project. I haven't had a night away from home for 15 months. We had agreed to go to Edinburgh to rendezvous with our French friends the Pommiers from Cupertino, California. Their family gave them a trip to Scotland for their Silver Wedding. We met them and three of their friends from France in Edinburgh. Alison and I stayed with my cousin Harold and his wife Marion. Together we toured Edinburgh Castle and had lunch. Simply wonderful.

We stayed for a few days with Pat in Saltcoats where Alison was brought up. The weather was perfect. I've never seen better weather in Scotland. 25°C and not a cloud in the sky. By remarkable coincidence, the Fellemans were in Glasgow to attend the Bruce Springsteen concert at Hampden Park. We met them at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and visited Glasgow University where Alison and I were married.

On the way north, we stayed for 3 nights with Elisabeth in Sheffield. We wanted to order our new kitchen from a business in Yorkshire. We visited the spa town of Buxton on Sunday. Monday was Whit Bank Holiday and there was a food fest in the market square in Sheffield. Always nice to see Elisabeth, Mark and their handsome greyhound Swift.

We returned home to a call on the answering machine. Phil, our carpenter, will be available in June to deal with the remaining big jobs in the project: stairs, kitchen and downstairs doors. We should be in good shape for Alison's 65th Birthday Party on Sunday 10 July 2016.

To all the folks who helped on this trip, we say "Thank You for your hospitality". To our friends the Pommiers and Fellemans, "Thank You for including us in your trip.". This was the tonic I needed after 12 months of the project. Everything's going to be great. Very pleased with our life in retirement.

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