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November 23, 2016

Visit to India


We've been really pleased with the Welcome we have received in India. Smiling and helpful people at the airport, on the bus and the hotel. We had dinner in a little restaurant close to our hotel. In bed and asleep by 9pm.

My friend Mahesh came to spend the day with us. Mahesh was a student contributor to Exiv2 in Google Summer of Code 2013 and I've talk lots of times with Mahesh on Skype and by email. Such a pleasure to meet him. He took as to a Restaurant in a Shopping Mall about 2 miles from our Hotel. Best Lunch Ever. A magnificent feast. The ride to and from the restaurant was by Uber. Gosh, you need nerves of steel to drive in the traffic in Bangalore!

India has made an instant good impression. There's a fantastic new India growing everywhere you look. The Airport is World Class. The Shopping Mall at lunch-time was beautiful. The Indians have a lot of work to do. It's a mix of amazing and gosh, this needs fixed. Good Luck to the people of India, they are clearly on the move to a great future.

We had an unforgettable weekend in Mangalore thanks to the splendid hospitality of my friend Norman and his mother Lilly. Our taxi driver Suraj contributed hugely by his incredible driving. Norman has been an email friend since 2004 when he wrote to me while I was working for Adobe Systems in Silicon Valley, California. I've been promising Norman for years to come to visit him in Mangalore. We look forward to enjoying the company of Norman and Lilly when they come to visit us in England.

To complete our visit to India, we flew to Chennai and had lunch with Sridhar who is another Exiv2 contributor. Alison wasn't very well in Chennai and it poured with rain on the second day. Alison was in bed most of the day and I caught up with some software chores on the laptop.


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