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December 7, 2016

Malaysia & Singapore


We've enjoyed a wonderful week in Malaysia. We spend 4 days in KL as guests of my open-source friend Andreas. After 8 years of collaboration we finally meet. Such a pleasure to meet him and his wife a children. I hope they'll come to visit us in England. I expected to be impressed by KL and was not disappointed. Remarkable city. Incredible buildings.

And three days on the Island of Penang. Beautiful hotel resort and beach. And we enjoyed exploring Georgetown. I was surprised by the population of Penang. 2-3 million folks. Very densely populated island.

We flew to Singapore to meet Tuan who was a student contributor to Exiv2 on GSoC 2013. We had dinner on Friday with Tuan and his girlfriend. On Saturday, we had breakfast with an Exiv2 User from North Carolina. Terence is from Singapore and was home on Family business. Tuan showed us around the amazing city of Singapore which I can only compare it to New York City. On Sunday we explored on our own. On Monday, we flew to Perth in Western Australia.


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