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March 30, 2017



We had a very nice time on a 3-day trip to Norwich. On the way, we went to Bletchley Park (Code Breakers). Em and Tracey gave us a voucher last year for my 65th Birthday. Very interesting. Highly recommended.

Norwich was great. The weather was perfect. There has been a lot of development beside the river in Norwich. Very nice apartments have been built and a retail complex with bowling alley, cinema and restaurant. The city is in good shape. Great to see.

It was very nice to catch up with a couple of Adobeans. Daniel, Claudia and Leonie are very anxious about Brexit, however they received notification from the UK Government of their permanent residency on the same day as our visit. Wendy came up from Ipswich. Very impressed with Wendy's efforts and achievements since we last saw her about 10 years ago when Adobe closed the office in Norwich. We visited her at her beautiful house on our way home.

A very nice trip. Lots of folks to thank: Em, Tracey, Daniel, Claudia, Leonie and Wendy. When we got back to Camberley, we had a 14th Birthday Pizza evening for George. Life is good.

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