Houston, Texas - January 2004

We went to Houston, Texas for the weekend of Jan 24/25 2004. The purpose of the trip was to visit my sister and family and attend the Burns Supper. Photos . We had a really great time - the usual combination of boozing, poetry and wearing of kilts. This year was special because Robert and Robin both had new kilts with evening dress. Very splendid indeed.

On Sunday, we went for a trip round the new sports facilities in Houston. We went to Reliant Stadium where preparations were underway for Superbowl XXXVIII to be played between the Patriots (New England) and the Panthers (North Carolina). Reliant Stadium is next door to the world famous Domed Stadium - which looks rather small and old. Houston also has a very new baseball field and a new basket ball stadium. There's a lot going on in Houston - the place has a buzz which is missing in California.

We also went to visit the Burns Bust in the International Memorial Garden in Houston. We placed some flowers on the plinth - well it was the poet's birthday. Robert and Irene contributed to the cost of having this bronze placed in the park. It was unveiled in 2003. There was to be a service later in the day to celebrate the birth of Burns, however our flight schedule didn't allow us to attend this service. Photos from the unveiling in 2003. Click here

Ali on train

Robin on train

Ali on plane


Robert driving

Ali in car

Irene in car

The new bathroom

Robert boozing

Irene boozing

Ali boozing

Robin boozing

Self portrait

Robert later

Ali later

Irene later

Reliant Stadium

Reliant Statium and Dome

Team at Reliant Stadium

More team

RS, Ali and Robin

Ali at the Burns Bust

Robert placing flowers

Burns and Kirsty

Burns and the team

Rice U Stadium (superbown viii)

Convention Center

Baseball Stadium


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