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Lizzie's Birthday

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Yosemite National Park, California is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. And thanks to Dennis, we're able to appreciate the mountain trails above the valley. Dennis has led us on several expeditions in the valley - Half Dome twice and Clouds Rest. Thank you Dennis.

The first time we went to Yosemite was when the boys came to visit in March 2002. We bought the digital camera on the Friday and then headed off for the mountains - staying in Mariposa overnight. A really great weekend.

On other occasions we've stayed both in Yosemite Valley and in the Merced Gorge approach to the valley.

Our favorite place to stay is the Yosemite Bug - about 10 miles north of Mariposa and 25 miles south of Yosemite Park on Highway 140. It's a 'Rustic Mountain Resort'. It has cabins, home cooking, good value beer and wine and a log fireplace. It's a real get away from it kind of place:

Lizzie was asked "What'ya like for your 13th birthday?" and here reply "To climb Half Dome". Great Idea!

So we all went off to Yosemite. Penny's sister Kate had just arrived from Melbourne and joined the expedition. And John's mother Willi - also from the land down-under joined us for the trip.

I was really pleased that we made it all the way to the top this time. In June, we had to turn back when there was an electrical storm near the summit. You can't climb the steel cable when there's thunder and lightening about!

We travelled up on Saturday afternoon and stayed in the tent (low-cost) accomodation in Yosemite Valley itself. It's very basic, however it's only a few minutes from the start of the climb and we wanted to be away at dawn. It's late September and there's only about 12 hours of daylight. Got to get a move on!

When we got back, we went to a pizza place in the Valley for dinner. Well it was Lizzie's birthday - so a celebration of everything was in order. I'm very grateful to Dennis for driving back after a very long day. Just Amazing. Happy Birthday, Lizzie.

Janet and Lizzie




Arriving in Yosemite

El Capitain from car

El Capitain (over exposed)

What a sight

Ali kind of blurred

Ali in focus

Dennis driving car

Dennis, Felicity and Ali

Penny fixing dinner

Willimena at dinner

Alice at dinner

Andrew at dinner

Sunset on HalfDome

Sunset from campsite

Dennis and Ali fixing dinner

Janet at dinner

Lizzie opening her cards

Ali in bed (6am)

The pit

Ali taking photo

Ready for the off

The off again

On the trail

And again

Vernal falls

Penny at sunrise

Gang at Vernal Falls

Dennis at Vernal falls

Penny at Vernal Falls

Willi at Vernal Falls

Dennis at Nevada Falls

Robin at Nevada Falls

Gang climbing the trail


Robin and Half Dome

Dennis at Half Dome

Julie and Dennis

Beeston Beauties on top of Half Dome


Robin on top of Half Dome

Robin looking scared

Robin and the view

More of the view

Dennis shows no fear

Dennis closer

Standing on the edge

Over the edge

Looking down and down

More vertically down

down down down

Don't know

Robin having sandwich

Lizzie relaxing

Robin at the top

Hats off

Janet relaxes

Penny relaxes

Janet and Lizzie on top

Robin and Lizzie

Robin and Janet

Coming down

Steep isn't it

Almost down

Back to lunch spot

Lizzie and Penny

Janet surrenders

Lizzie at dinner

Andrew at birthday dinner

Penny with Angus at dinner

Ali at dinner

Birthday cake and candle

Happy Birthday

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