Doctor from yorkshire

The Drummers

The Groom

Groom on horse

The procession moves off

The groom on horse

Amazing scene

Raj and the brides party


Receiving the grooms family

Raj from behind

Raj and Kumars father

Uncles (maybe)

Don't know

Don't know2

Grandfathers maybe

More meetings

Dont know 3

Priest and Neena

The Groom being welcomed

Neena and Raj

Groom arrives at stage

The scene around the stage

Groom (on TV monitor)

The groom waiting for the bride

The audience

Dennis, Judy and Ali

Dennis, Judy and Ali2



The Bride Arriving

The Bride and lots of family

The Bride looks beautiful

Bridal Party

Bride meets the Groom


Bride and Groom

Raj looks great

Neena looks great

Raj talking to priest

The bride again

The groom looks worried

Setting for ceremony

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