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Updated: June 14, 2012

What's this about?

Cocoa is a software framework in MacOSX for programming applications and system code. It's not easy to sum up exactly what Cocoa is. I think the best way to explain it to say it's the gateway to Apple's technology. The iPhone SDK is provided in Cocoa.

These tutorials are about Cocoa and Obj/C which is the most common way to use Cocoa. I have never used the language bindings provided for Python and Ruby.

I've been quite active recently on a web forum Almost all the visitors are new to Cocoa and I like writing little example programs to help explain the system. The tutorials here are based on conversations I've enjoyed with folks on this subject. I hope you find them useful.


BYOB4 Build your own web browser with WebKit - for Xcode 4.1 BYOB4.pdf
BYOB Build your own web browser with WebKit - for Xcode 3.2.1 BYOB.pdf
Clock4 Very simple Cocoa/UI Application for Xcode 4.3
This is the "hello world" of Cocoa and Obj/C
An application for total beginners
Clock Very simple Cocoa/UI Application
This is the "hello world" of Cocoa and Obj/C
An application for total beginners
console This is a very simple command-line application.   
The purpose of this article is to demonstrate (and explain) different strategies in MacOS-X for linking code:
  Direct    static libraries     dynamic libraries     Frameworks  
Dialogs Working with Dialog Boxes
Using Modal Dialogs, Modeless Dialogs and Sheets
Use of NSOpenPanel and NSAlertPanel
Communicating between dialogs using:
      direct calls
Diary Document with Strings and Dates
"Classic" NSDocument and NSArrayController application
Explains Binding in Interface Builder
Custom Printing
Use of @property and @synthesize keywords
Favorites How to manage user preferences
The code also deals with the NSAlert Panel.
This tutorial saves and reads Favorites as Documents
The tutorial also deals with menus
The tutorial also deals with refactoring projects and code.
The tutorial also deals with the NSFileOpen Panel
ix Icon eXtractor.
Converts graphical files (including icons) into PDF files.   
Listen Application which uses the Speech Recognizer and Speech Synthesizer.
Discussion about learning Cocoa and Obj/C.
The relationship between Interface Builder, Xcode and Nib Files.
Adding a custom build step to put the build time into the About Box.
MenuBar Working with the System Menu Bar
Running UNIX commands from Cocoa
Working with Info.plist
Obj/C and
C and C++
Mixing Obj/C and C and C++ in a single project    
Calling C++ objects from Obj/C (trivial)
Calling Obj/C object from C++ (not difficult)
Regular Expressions Adding a category for regular expressions    
Calling UNIX library functions from Objective/C

A CustomView that uses Quartz to draw a clock.
We also draw a custom icon in the dock.
Obj/C category feature.
Discussion of the Quartz Imaging Model.

Let me know if you'd like a tutorial on a subject. Even better, send me your code and I'll document and publish your work.

I have code written for more tutorials. Subjects "in the works" include: CoreData (SQLite), Internet Protocols, Sockets, Client-Server applications, Rendering web sites as images and PDFs. Other ideas include: building your own framework, using the document scanner and using the NSOutline class. I hope to publish all of them by the end of July 2010.


I'm very happy to accept comments, feedback and suggestions for any of my articles. I'm always happy to hear you - especially if you have constructive suggestions. And I'm particularily pleased if you can let me know about corrections.

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