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Updated: February 15, 2008

This article is about the Perforce Source Code Management System Robin's Perforce Help File

So what's the problem?

Well, there's no problem at all. Perforce is really terrific. I used it for years at work, and I can only think of one occasion in which it let me down badly (and I won't forget that ever, it was so painful). Anyway, it's a really good system.

The folks at Perforce allow you free use of their tools for one server, two users and five workspaces. For my limited uses, this is totally adequate. I have a second user of my server - another web master for one of the web sites on which I work. I've written an article about how to open the server to the internet for external access: Port Forwarding.

I've written some scripts to automate some of the frequent procedures I wish to carry out on my depot and one day I'm going to get round to documenting and publishing them.

However, I want to contribute something to the world of Perforce. I've collected all their on-line help screens into a single web page. I hope you find this useful. Feedback and comments welcome.

Robin's Perforce Help File
You can open a link to the whole Help File: click here.
I've got a framed version here which I hope will spark your interest!

I'm very happy to accept comments, feedback and suggestions for any of my articles. I'm always happy to hear you - especially if you have constructive suggestions. And I'm particularily pleased if you can let me know about corrections.

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