VMware Fusion

My Switch from Confusion
to VMware Fusion

Updated: April 23, 2008

Have you seen your desktop recently? Is your desktop covered in desktops? You know, where's Windows? Like to loose that Linux laptop? Agonizing about another Apple?

I'm working on opensource. It's kind of cool. It runs on Linux, Windows and Apple. I'm actually doing 'Geotagging' - adding GPS data to Photographs.

But, I was almost lost. Not on planet Earth you understand. I was lost in 'loads of laptops land' - a bewildering place with a muddle of many machines.  I'd get lost in Windows World, Mac Madness and the dark continent of Ubuntu.  Then along came along VMware Man and saved me.  Now one machine does everything. Space for cookies and coffee!

So, I work on my Mac. And on Windows. And on Linux. And I don't don't need to move an inch to jump from one to the other. All running simulateously on one screen. Thanks to VMware Fusion.

Thank you, VMware man. You've saved my Desktop!
Maps and Photos

It'd be cool to have the story presented as a Comic Strip. VMware man would be like Superman, with VM on his chest.  Unfortunately, I don't have the graphics skill to achieve that. However if the VMware marketing folks like my story - well I'm sure they know a great graphic artist. If VMware man's smart enough to make this technology work, he's smart enough to fix the artwork. (drawn with Comic Life ?).


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