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Latest News - Feb 1, 2004

Golden Gate Bridge Burns Supper

Ali and Robin on Golden Gate Bridge
On Saturday Jan 31, Ali and I went for a walk in San Francisco. We had to go the city to get my kilt which was being altered. It was waist 36 inches, and I had to have it reduced to 31!

Anyway, after we had recovered the kilt, we went for a walk to let Ali see where I had run in the US Half Marathon in October 2003. We walked over the Golden Gate Bridge and back. There's no doubt, Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen. It's more than a bridge - it's an icon of the United States.

Running across Golden Gate Bridge and back in the US Half Marathon was an unforgettable experience - as well as very demanding. The route up and down hills in the Presidio leading onto the bridge were tough. The path under the bridge on the North Shore was truly brutal. I managed 1hr 52min - I'll do better in 2004.

Photos from the walk.
Photos from the Marathon.

Robert, Irene, Ali and Robin
The National Poet of Scotland is Robert Burns (1759-1796). His birthday is 25 January and is celebrated across the world in Scottish communities in the Burns Supper. This is a formal dinner at which kilts and evening attire are worn. Speeches are made about the life of Burns and toasts proposed and made. The menu always includes Haggis, potatoes and turnip. We like to go to Houston, Texas for the weekend to visit my sister and her family. We join with various Scottish families in Houston for a Burns Supper. This year the hosts were Rosemary and Jim Haggarty. I made the toast to:
Land of my birth and adopted country
Photos from the Burns Supper
Photos of the Houston Family

And coming up ...

First running event of the year will be the San Juan Bautista Mission Run - 10 miles. Saturday Feb 7, 2004. No predictions of performance, I'm suffering from an injury from last season - pain in the glutes (top of right leg)

Trip to Hawaii for 30th Wedding Anniversary in March. We've noticed that lots of people like to give advice about where to go in Hawaii. So, if you'd like to email and suggest someplace - fire away.

And after that we've got some marathoning to do, a trip to Scotland and our summer vacation at Glacier National Park, Montana. So lots of fun things planned.

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