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Latest News - Mar 14, 2004

Visit to Pebble Beach, California Walking in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Robin, Ali, Laura and Dennis
In January 2004, Dennis wrote to me from Pebble Beach, California asking if Adobe could provide consultancy for a software project. Although Adobe didn't pursue this, I saw Dennis privately and we discussed his project. The project is being successfully undertaken by a private consultant who is a former Adobe employee.

Dennis came to San Jose and took Ali and I for dinner. So this was the "return trip" in which Ali and I went to visit them at home in Pebble Beach - they live on the world famous 17 mile drive. Just gorgeous. We had lunch in Carmel, drove the 17 mile drive and spent the afternoon at the Monterey Aquarium - following by extremely naughty ice creams at Ghirardelli's in Monterey.

A very nice day out. Thank you Dennis and Laura for being such wonderful hosts. I hope we'll keep in touch - it's such a pleasure to meet you both.

Photos of Laura and Dennis

Ali and Robin climbing Nibbs Knob Ali and I went for a walk in the Santa Cruz Mountains between Morgan Hill and Aptos on March 13, 2004. It was a beautiful day. The Bay Area was being blessed with record breaking weather - temperatures this week have been in the mid-80s. Extra-ordinary - as hot as summer in March.

We had lunch in a Mexican Cafe in First Street Morgan Hill - very good highly recommended. Then we went for our walk. 2 miles up to Nibbs Knob - 1500 feet above the parking lot. So 15% average gradient - 30% in places - very steep. Disappointing at the top - it's covered in trees, so no vista. Anyway the views going up and down are nice. The guide book said 3.5 hours, we did it easily in 2.5.

California is beautiful. I love it here.
Photos from the Walk

And coming up ...

Trip to Hawaii for 30th Wedding Anniversary in March. We've noticed that lots of people like to give advice about where to go in Hawaii. So, if you'd like to email and suggest someplace - fire away.

And after that we've got some marathoning to do, a trip to Scotland and our summer vacation at Glacier National Park, Montana. So lots of fun things planned.

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