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Latest News - April 4, 2004

Hawaii - 30th Wedding Anniversary Visit to Pearl Harbor
Helicopter in Hawaii

To celebrate 30 years of happy marriage, Ali and I went to Hawaii for a week's holiday in Paradise. We flew out from SFO to Kauai and changed planes in Honolulu. When we arrived in Kauai it was pouring with rain, then it got wetter. To crown it all, I had a very heavy cold and was in bed at 7pm. Slept for 12 hours. Could be worse, I thought I might have the flu.

We put down big bucks for a suite at the seaside - 20 metres from the pounding, roaring surf. How romantic, the surf, the palm trees and the rain on the tin roof. It was like something out of "Dr No!" Hawaii's beautiful - however the weather is not. Lots of very heavy rain.

Photos in the Helicopter
Visiting the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor

We visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor on Wednesday March 31, 2004. It's very beautiful and peaceful place. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Sunday morning December 7, 1941. A few minutes into the attack, an armour piercing bomb crashed into the forward munitions store of the battleship USS Arizona. The explosion killed 1177 men on the Arizona - almost half of all the people killed in the attack. The Memorial was opened in 1962 and sits above the ship. Parts of the ship are visible above water - oil still leaks and comes to the surface.

Very moving experience.

Photos from Pearl Harbor

I only discovered after we returned from Hawaii that the 30th Wedding Anniversary is your "Pearl Anniversary" - curious coincidence that we should visit Pearl Harbor during our Pearl Anniversary.

And coming up...

Next trip is the Half Marathon at "The Avenue of the Giants" in Northern California on May 1. Then a trip to Scotland in May on family business. The Marathon at Columbia River Gorge, Oregon in June, then our summer vacation at Glacier National Park, Montana in July. So lots of fun things planned.

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