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Latest News - June 13, 2004

Columbia River Gorge - June 2004 Dipsea - June 13, 2004
Robin and April in the Marathon

We went to the Columbia River Gorge Marathon in Oregon in June 2004. Very beautiful course, and a reasonable time of 4:19. I had the good fortune to run with April from Erie, Pennsylvania. She did a terrific 4:13 in her first ever marathon. Penny repeated her personal record of 3:52 - just outside her Boston Qualifying time of 3:50.

Columbia River Gorge is very beautiful - I highly recommend a visit. Gorge photos. This year is the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and of course our heroes sailed down the Columbia on their way to the Pacific Ocean.

The early west coast pioneers had to navigate the river on the raft as the final part of the Oregon Trail. After a journey of 2000 miles in a covered wagon, they had to face 100 miles on a raft down the rapids of the river! Gosh the pioneers were tough. Museum Photos

Matt - 5th in the Dipsea - wearing the priceless black shirt

There is a race held in the North Bay every year from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach - 7.1 brutal miles away.

We were lucky to talk to Dan - he came 5th and was wearing the black shirt given to the first 20 home. His time - 49 minutes. Unbelievable - better that 7 minutes/mile for a very steep and difficult trail. Even coming down is full of problems. Dan's PR for 10k is 28 minutes - he's an incredible athlete. Congratulations, Dan, you're amazing.

Dipsea Photos

Largs, Scotland - May 27, 2004

Largs, Scotland - May 27, 2004. A perfect day.

And coming up...

Next is Western States - 100 mile endurance event. We're assisting at an aid station on Saturday. I'm to crew for Steve at mile 90 on Sunday (help him through the aid station).

The 4th July weekend and fireworks. Then a weekend trip to Yosemite to climb "Clouds Rest". Then we're off on our summer vacation at Glacier National Park, Montana with the Johnson and Poje families. Work's also going well at the moment. Life is just great.

So lots of exciting things ahead.

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