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Latest News - June 27, 2004

Western States - June 26, 2004 Dipsea - June 13, 2004
Heros of Western States 100m Endurance Race
4 heros





The Western States 100 mile Endurance Run is possibly the toughest endurance event in the world. My run club "Steven's Creek Striders" had 4 amazing athletes in the event - all finished. The club also organized the aid station at mile 43 - "Last Chance". Terry also took part by being in one of the safety crews.

Fantastic performances from everybody at Stiders - especially the 4 heros who finished the race. Congratulations. And "well done, Jean" for organizing the aid station.

Event Photos and Steve's story
Matt - 5th in the Dipsea - wearing the priceless black shirt

Dan - placed 5th

The "Dipsea" race is held in the North Bay every year from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach - 7.1 brutal miles.

Dan's wearing the black shirt given to the first 20 home. His time - an unbelievable 49 minutes - better that 7 minutes/mile for a very steep and difficult trail. Even coming down is full of problems. Dan's PR for 10k is an incredible 28 minutes. Congratulations, Dan, you're amazing.

Dipsea Photos

Christina and Terry at Last Chance

Christina and Terry at "Last Chance"

And coming up...

July 10 is Ali's birthday and we're planning a weekend trip to Yosemite to climb "Clouds Rest". Then we're off on our summer vacation at Glacier National Park, Montana with the Johnson and Poje families.

In August we're looking forward to Leslie and Nigel visiting from England, and the Strider's "Clambake 30 mile Run and Picnic". And of course the Scottish Highland Games in Pleasanton during the Labor Day weekend.

So lots of exciting things ahead.

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