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Latest News - August 14, 2004

Glacier National Park
July 15-25, 2004
Alan and Jennifer's Engagement
July 31, 2004
Train to Glacier
Train at Klamath Falls, California.

We had a wonderful vacation in July 2004 in Glacier National Park, Montana. We enjoyed the pleasure of the company of the Poje and Johnson families. The Poje's had been there in 2002 and came back saying "You've gotta go - it's amazing". So we travelled by train from San Jose to Porland, Oregon on the Coast Starlight. Then on the Empire Builder up Columbia River Gorge, across Idaho and through the Rockies to Glacier. 36 hours - 2 night and loads of Champagne.

Gang at Klamath Falls Railway Station
Gang at Klamath Falls Railway Station
Alan and Jennifer Alan and Jennifer showing off their engagment rings at home in Camberley.

We are delighted to welcome a new member into the family. Alan and Jennifer have announced thier engagement and set a wedding date for 6 August, 2005. Alan and Jennifer have known each other for more than a year, and Ali and I are very pleased they have decided to marry. Congratulations to them both.

The Wedding will take place in Camberley, England and will be in the Church followed by a reception in a mansion in beautiful Surrey. There will also be a reception for them in California - probably two weeks after the wedding - at the end of their honeymoon.

Ali and I are very happy about this. For us, Jennifer will be our first daughter (well daughter-in-law to be precise). For Sue and Colin Prescott, Alan will be their first son - Jennifer has two sisters. Jenn's sisters and Alan's brother will probably be the bridesmaids and best man. Kilts may feature! Details being negotiated.

Many Glacier Hotel, Montana - a beautiful place

Many Glacier Hotel, Montana - a beautiful place

And coming up...

In August we're looking forward to Leslie and Nigel visiting from England, and the Strider's "Clambake 30 mile Run and Picnic". And of course the Scottish Highland Games in Pleasanton during the Labor Day weekend.

In September we'll enjoy some family visits. Graeme and Carol (Ali's brother and wife) will come from England. Irene and Robert (Robin's sister and husband) from Houston, Texas. There's a possibility of a visit from Maureen (Ali's sister in law).

So lots of exciting things ahead.

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