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Latest News - December 15, 2004

Alan and Jennifer's Engagement
July 31, 2004
Cal International Marathon
Dec 5, 2004
Alan and Jennifer
Alan and Jennifer showing off their engagment rings at home in Camberley.

We are delighted to welcome a new member into the family. Alan and Jennifer have announced thier engagement and set a wedding date for 6 August, 2005. Alan and Jennifer have known each other for more than a year, and Ali and I are very pleased they have decided to marry. Congratulations to them both.

The Wedding will take place in Camberley, England and will be in the Church followed by a reception in a mansion in beautiful Surrey. There will also be a reception for them in California on August 20, 2005

Robin and Penny at CIM Robin and Penny ran in the Marathon in Sacramento. Penny did an amazing 3:45:05 to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Striders Holiday Party

Some of the guests at Striders Holiday Party.
Congratulations to everybody who received an award at this year's party - especially Jean Pommier "Strider of the Year".

And coming up...

Well of course the Holidays are the next thing, and then my birthday in January. Lots of running and stuff to be done. However the big events of 2005 will be the weddings. First our niece Fiona's to be married in May in Houston, Texas. Then of course our son Alan in England in August. So we're looking forward to these occasions.

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