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Latest News - January 7, 2005

Genevieve and Roger's Wedding
December 28, 2004
Cal International Marathon
Dec 5, 2004
Genevieve and Roger Just Married

Genevieve and Roger came from Australia to Carmel, California to be married on the beach on December 28, 2004. Congratulations Genevieve and Roger for your future happiness together.

Robin and Penny at CIM

Robin and Penny ran in the Marathon in Sacramento. Penny did an amazing 3:45:05 to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Striders Holiday Party

Some of the guests at Striders Holiday Party.
Congratulations to everybody who received an award at this year's party - especially Jean Pommier "Strider of the Year".

And coming up...

Next up's my birthday on January 18 which we might celebrate with a Burns Supper on Jan 22.

However the big events of 2005 will be the weddings. First our niece Fiona's to be married in May in Houston, Texas. Then our older son Alan in England in August. So we're looking forward to these occasions.

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