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Latest News - March 8, 2005

San Juan Bautista Mission 10 Mile Run - Feb 5, 2005
San Juan Bautista Mission 10 mile Run

Penny, Robin, Maritza and Jim finishing at San Juan Bautista 10 mile Run.

We were also joined at San Juan Bautista with my colleagues Clive Rees and Daniel Burwitz from Adobe Norwich. Terri and Dennis, the Poje and Johnson families also came to cheer us over the line - and of course to enjoy lunch afterwards. The Mission Burger Bar is now under new management as "JJ's Burger Bar" - repainted, and brightened up. I'm sad to see the end of the "Biker Burger" - however JJ's new menu is just great. Thank's guys for your company.

Nicholas 2nd Birthday
Feb 17, 2005
Mother's Day
March 6, 2005
The Family Fillipini

My friend and colleague Dr Robert Filippini has a little boy Nicholas. We were invited over to the family home in Sunnyvale to celebrate Nicholas' 2nd Birthday. Geri cooked us dinner and we were all entertained by Nicholas. Joining us were The MacBride's, Huang's and Fiala's. Thank you Geri and Robert.

Ali and the flowers
Ali with the Mother's Day Flowers and Card.
Dennis with his new bike
Dennis with his new bike.
And coming up...

The big events of 2005 will be the weddings. First our niece Fiona's to be married in May in Houston, Texas. Then of course our son Alan in England in August. So we're looking forward to these occasions.

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