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January 15, 2006

San Jose
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Robin's Birthday Bill's Birthday
Robin at his birthday Robin at his birthday

Penny and Andrew invited us over for dinner and birthday celebrations on January 14, 2006. Robin's birthday is Wed Jan 18, and Bill's was Wed Jan 11. So we had a very nice Saturday night to celebrate the birthdays. It was also a "Farewell" party for Kate who returns to Australia on Monday. We also enjoyed the company of Dennis. Thanks everybody for a very nice evening, thoughtful gifts, and best of all: your delightful company.

The Holidays 2005
The Johnson Family - Christmas 2005
Johnson Family Christmas 2005

We were delighted to enjoy a visit to California from Kate - Penny's Mother. Kate came from Australia for a month and we had a holiday together between Christmas and New Year in the Sierras. Thanks guys, we really enjoyed your company.

And coming up....
Well, we've got a lot of things planned for 2006. Jamie and Adele (our son and his girl friend) are going to visit from England in February. We're also going to enjoy a visit in April from Brian and Eileen (our neighbours in England). We're going to Dakota on vacation in the summer and we've also planned a trip to Europe in September to Natalie and Neil's wedding (Brian and Eileen's son). At the end of the year we're hoping to join the Boyd family in Mexico to celebrate the 60th birthday of my brother in law Robert.

On the running front, we're going Boston in April to run in The Marathon. I'm also the captain of the Striders Team for The Relay. And I'm signed up to run The Miwok 100km in May. Gosh that's a long way. We're also planning an expedition to climb Mt Whitney in August. So lots of training and running ahead.

Work is looking fine at the moment and there are a lot of projects on the go. The company will have a technical conference soon and I'm looking forward to that. I'm attempting to persuade Ali that we should replace her 7 year old Windows PC with a nice new iMac with the super fast Intel processors.

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