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August 21, 2006

San Jose
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Holly Jessica - born August 21, 2006

We are thrilled and delighted to announce the birth of a new addition to the Mills family - Holly Jessica. Holly was born at 13.57BST on Monday August 21, 2006 in Camberley, Surrey, England. She weighed in at just under 7lbs 14oz (3.56kg). We're delighted to say that new Mum Jennifer, new Dad Alan and Baby Holly are all fine - although quite exhausted from the ordeal of the birth.

First time grandparents Ali and Robin are thrilled and spent a jolly nerve-racking 24 hours in the States waiting for text messages of the progress of events in England. Ali and Robin earn promotion to their new family names of Granny and Pa (short for Grandpa).

There's been no report about what Smokes and Tinky (the cats) think about the new arrival. However as long as there's food in the fridge for them, I guess they'll be happy.

And coming up....

We're looking forward to a visit to England and a family gathering to welcome Holly into clanmills (and of course into the Young and Prescott Families).

We're also going to a wedding in Guernsey, Channel Islands while we're in England. Lots of photos to arrive on

After we return to the USA, I'm going to do some serious training and hope to requalify for Boston in the Silicon Valley Marathon on October 29. Then on to the fall holidays of Thanskgiving and Christmas.

The baptism of Holly will take place in England some time in the next few months and that will be be a very happy family gathering. Ali will attend for sure, and I'd like to also be there.

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