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May 29, 2007

San Jose
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Western States Training Weekend
Start of run at Robinson Flat Snow at the start of the run Simon and Jean at finish in Auburn James, Jean and Tim Race Director Greg Steve Sleeping Christina

Every Memorial Weekend, there's training for participants and runners on the Western States Trail. The Trail runs from Squaw Valley, CA to Auburn, CA. There's a 100 mile Endurance Run on the trail every June.

All the Striders who'll be running next month went for the weekend. Jean, Christina, Charles, Mark and Peggy. And Robin, Steve and Penny went along for fun! Accompanied by various family members of course. And Lee and Winny also joined us. Anil also turned up at training. It's a fun weekend - and not all running and sleeping. Jerry was a volunteer and we visited him at home for a BBQ on Monday.

Jean used my Garmin 305 to capture the runs on Saturday and Sunday for Google Earth Maps.

Google Earth Saturday Run: 
Google Earth Sunday Run: 
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We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast Lodge near Foresthill. It's really lovely. Steve discovered it 3 years ago and Ali and I have stayed there four times now. I don't want to say where this is, because then other runners will book the accomodation and we'll have nowhere to stay!. However if you'd like a very relaxing weekend in the Sierras, I highly recommend the Christmas Tree Lodge, near Foresthill, CA. It's 15 miles NE of Foresthill on the Foresthill Divide.

Photos: click here.

Photos from the WS Training Weekend
James and Jean with Tim (5 times winner)

And coming up....

I'm now working part-time at Adobe. I work 3 days a week - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The aim is to have a long run on Thursday and Friday morning when I'm not in the office. And I'm hoping to do some volunteer work in the afternoons. Perhaps at a museum, theatre or medical non-profit around San Jose.

We've planned a vacation in England in July to visit the family. As well as visiting the folks in Surrey, we're going to have a week in Cornwall with Alan, Jen and Holly. And we'll be joined by Jen's folks Colin and Sue. The visit to England will be followed by two weeks travelling in the mid west of the USA to visit 7 more states in that region.

We're also planning a trip to Europe for the Christmas Holidays. In addition to spending Christmas Day with the family, we're planning a vacation in Lanzarote with our Finnish friend Veli-Veikko. VV's been asking us for about 20 years to join him for a warm island vacation at New Year and now we're finally going to do this.

Next year I have been with Adobe for 10 years and so I'll have a 3 week sabbatical in addition to my 6 weeks of regular vacation. A trip to China and India is one idea, New Zealand's another possibility, however long overdue return visits to Australia and Scotland must also be considered. And there's the family in England of course. Well, we'll see.

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