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June 12, 2007

San Jose
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Eagle Scout Presentation

Our young friend John was presented with his Eagle Scout Award on Friday June 8, 2007. This is a big deal. The Eagle Scout Award is the highest award in Boy Scouts of America and equal in prestige and difficulty with the Queen Scout Award in the United Kingdom (and many other British Commonwealth Scout Associations). John's family have every reason to be very proud of his achievements in Scouting.

It was also nice to see John's grandparents at the ceremony. John's grandfather Warren worked for the Boy Scouts of America as the camp warden at Pico Blanco, Monterey County, California. John's grandmother Mary has undoubtably given many years of (in-)voluntary service to the cause of Scouting. Behind every good man, stands a good woman. It was a proud evening for John's family. And of course for the families of all 6 young men being made Eagles tonight. Congratulations to everybody.

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Lake Tahoe Relay

Penny and I had a very enjoyable weekend with the Striders at the Tahoe Relay on Saturday June 9. 15 folks came for the weekend and 11 ran. We had two teams with the interesting names "Stevens Creek Striders 1" and "Stevens Creek Striders 2". How did we manage to think of such imaginative names? The total distance around the lake is 72 miles and relay has 7 legs of just over 10 miles on average.

Team 1 consisted of Charles, Elvira, Ana, Jack and Mark. Mark bravely tackled legs 5-7 on his own - a long 32 mile trek round the difficult west side of the lake.

Team 2 consisted of Gene, Bill, Mike, Cindy, Penny and Robin. The relay was completed by Cindy and Penny taking on an extra 5 miles each of the difficult final leg.

After 4 legs, Team 2 was about 2 minutes in the lead. At the end, Team 1 won by about 10 minutes. Remembering that Mark ran the closing 32 miles for Team 1, this is a remarkable result. Well done, Mark and Team 1.

Team 1 stayed in luxury accomodation at the Deerfield Lodge in Southshore. Team 2 stayed in a ski/weekend cabin near the start. We all had dinner together on Saturday evening at the cabin. We were so tired after the effort of running at altitude on the difficult rolling hills of Tahoe that we were all tucked up and asleep by 10 o'clock. On Sunday, the teams had breakfast separately before heading home.

Photos: click here.

Mike Gene Mark Robin and Cindy Penny Striders at Finish Charles Elvira Ana Bill Bill, Bert and Cindy Jack
And coming up....

I'm now working part-time at Adobe. I work 3 days a week - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The aim is to have a long run on Thursday and Friday morning when I'm not in the office. And I'm hoping to do some volunteer work in the afternoons. Perhaps at a museum, theatre or medical non-profit around San Jose.

We've planned a vacation in England in July to visit the family. As well as visiting the folks in Surrey, we're going to have a week in Cornwall with Alan, Jen and Holly. And we'll be joined by Jen's folks Colin and Sue. The visit to England will be followed by two weeks travelling in the mid west of the USA to visit 7 more states in that region.

We're also planning a trip to Europe for the Christmas Holidays. In addition to spending Christmas Day with the family, we're planning a vacation in Lanzarote with our Finnish friend Veli-Veikko. VV's been asking us for about 20 years to join him for a warm island vacation at New Year and now we're finally going to do this.

Next year I have been with Adobe for 10 years and so I'll have a 3 week sabbatical in addition to my 6 weeks of regular vacation. A trip to China and India is one idea, New Zealand's another possibility, however long overdue return visits to Australia and Scotland must also be considered. And there's the family in England of course. Well, we'll see.

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