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August 7, 2007

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Touring the Mid-West of the USA

The second half of our summer vacation in 2007 consisted of a 2700 mile road trip in the mid-west of the USA. We've had an ambition to visit all 50 states of the USA for a few years and this trip took our state count from 39 to 46. Almost there!

We flew from London to Washington on Wednesday July 11 and proceeded to travel about 200 miles per day all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The following 7 states were new to us: Delaware, West Virginia, Kenntucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. Ali was visiting Illinois and Minnesota for the first time. And we passed through new places in Maryland and Virginia. So 11 states visited. Ali and I now have equal state counts - she's finally visited those states which I've previously visited on business.

Along the way, we visited Jill and her family in Indianapolis. And we stayed with Morag and Josh and Katya in Columbus, Ohio. We also stayed with Kala and family in Minneapolis. All the visits were very nice and we found everybody in good heart.

The spectacular places along the route have to be:

- Capitols of VA, WV, KE, IN, WI and MN.
- Chesapeake Bay Bridge, VA
- Civil War Memorials in VA
- the Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI
- Chicago, IL

Another highlight was to visit the Wright Brothers Intepretive Center at Dayton, Ohio. And then to visit their workshop and home in Greenfield Village, Michigan. No question, those two guys were great engineers and discovered and developed the solution to manned flight.

Every day had something unique and every state is special in its own way. The horse farms in Kentucky are interesting and the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky is certainly worth visiting. The Speedway at Indianapolis was very interesting and the cities of Madison and Milwaukee were much nicer than I had imagined.

All in all, a great trip.

Stewart Indy Car Minnesota State Capitol, St Paul Virginia State Capitol, Richmond Chicago and Lake Michigan from Sears Tower Below the Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota At Pizza Bobs, Ann Arbor, Michigan Wright Flyer 1 at Greenfield Village Old bicycles at Greenfield Village Robin and Ali at Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota
And coming up....

We're planning a trip to Europe for the Christmas Holidays. In addition to spending Christmas Day with the family, we're planning a vacation in Lanzarote with our Finnish friend Veli-Veikko. VV's been asking us for about 20 years to join him for a warm island vacation at New Year and now we're finally going to do this.

Next year I have been with Adobe for 10 years and so I'll have a 3 week sabbatical in addition to my 6 weeks of regular vacation. A trip to China and India is one idea, New Zealand's another possibility, however long overdue return visits to Australia and Scotland must also be considered. And there's the family in England of course. Well, we'll see.

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