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September 7, 2007

San Jose
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Retirement Michelle and our Big Sur Adventure

We've decided to retire. I finished with Adobe on August 22, 2007. I've got to say that I am very happy about this because the last three years working in CoreTech have been very stressful and demanding. I'm looking forward to happier times.

The folks at Adobe gave me a very nice leaving party. I was very touched that so many people took the time to come and say goodbye and wish me well for the future. I'm really grateful for the (almost 10) years I've spent with the company. Some of the smartest folks on planet Earth work at Adobe. It's been a privilege to have been part of such a great company.

We haven't really made up our minds about what to do next in life. For the moment we're going to stay in San Jose and see how things develop. The state of the housing market in the USA is poor and the exchange rate to UK Pounds is very unfavourable. So it seems sensible to stay. Of course things might get worse! Anyway, we'll see.

I'm actually working hard on an idea for the future and having lots of fun investigating and developing my idea. We'll have to see how it evolves, however I've had very positive feedback and encouragement from those with whom I've shared my thoughts.

I'm really enjoying not having to go to work every day. And Ali hasn't complained about me being at home all day. Well, not yet anyway. And I've been out running with the Striders and Penny and Dennis and Michelle. It's just great to have such nice friends. Thanks guys, Ali and I love you all.

My running buddy Michelle is going to compete in the Big Sur Trail Marathon on September 29. She's been training very hard on the hills of Rancho San Antonio and she's in very good shape for the event. She'll have to be! This is a demanding marathon with almost 6000 feet of climbing.

So we decided to go and run the trail in one direction to let her experience the trail first hand. We ran the second half from Bixby Bridge to Andrew Molera State Park. I believe it's slightly easier in this direction - the hills are longer, so the climb isn't so steep. Of course on event day, the homeward leg is more demanding as tiredness takes it toll.

Michelle had no trouble at all with the trail. She was literally running circles around me. Running 200 yards past, then back down the hill, and then up and past me again. Although I ran about 12 miles - I'm sure Michelle did 14 or more. Well done, Michelle. You're in impressive form for your event.

Ali dropped us at Bixby Bridge and drove down to the finish at Andrew Molera State Park to go for a walk. Then we went to the beach and enjoyed the splendid picnic that Michelle brought. In the afternoon, we visited Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and walked the Waterfall Overlook Trail. An amazingly beautiful place and made famous by Ansel Adams.

Thank you Michelle for your company, the picnic and knowing about the Waterfall Overlook Trail. So we had a Great Day. That's Great Company, Great Run, Great Weather. Thank you very much.

And coming up....

Having decided to retire, we're not too sure what adventures lie in the future. However we're looking forward to lots more fun and we'll have to see what comes to pass. From a financial perspective, plans for trips round the world have to put on hold until we've figured out how to pay our bills!

However we've already paid for a trip to Europe for the Christmas Holidays. In addition to spending Christmas Day with the family, we're planning a vacation in Lanzarote with our Finnish friend Veli-Veikko. VV's been asking us for about 20 years to join him for a warm island vacation at New Year and now we're finally going to do this.

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