Duncan Mills 1910-2003

90th Birthday - Brian and Dad

Harold, Marion, Dad, Mgt and Ian

Dad and his children+spouses

Ali, Alan, Dad, Jamie and Robin

Dad + his children


Ian, Dad and Ali

Alistair and Dad

Dad in Haylie House - July 2002

Ali and Dad

Dad in his room in HH

View from Haylie House

Ali and Dad on Ferry

Dad and Ali on Ferry

Ali and Dad in Millport

Arran Hills from HH

Dad in Car1


Wemyss Bay - a favourite place


Arran from Wemyss Bay

Biscayne House B&B

Ali and Dad - May 2003

Ali and Dad2

Adi and Dad on Largs prom

Dad and Ali on Largs prom

Dad and Ali on prom

Dad gives Ali a push

Dad and Robin

Dad and Ali at lunch

Showing dad the pictures

Ali, Dad and Laptop

August 2003

August 2003 - the last photo

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