NewYork City, NY 4..6 July 2003

East Coast of USA (5 of 9) :


Radio City

5th Avenue

Huge Building

Waiting for fireworks

UN Building

4th July Fireworks1

4th July Fireworks2

4th July Fireworks8

Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center1

Lincoln Center2

Ali in Central Park

Robin in Central Park

5th and 58th

5th in Beautiful

Trump Tower in 5th

St Patrick's in 5th

In line for ESB in 5th

Lobby of ESB

Looking South

The flat iron building

South East to the bridges

South West and Liberty


Looking up

North West


North and down

Towards Washington Bridge

North East

5th Avenue from ESB

The Crystler and UN Buildings


Robin on top of ESB

Ali on top of ESB

Ali in the NY subway

Robin at Battery Park

Ali at Battery Park

Seamen's Beautiful War Memorial

Plaque to seamen

Ali and sunset over New Jersey



Grand Central Terminal1

Grand Central Terminal2

Ali in Grand Central

Robin eating lunch

Ali eating lunch

Beautiful Station


Ali in the station

Plaque to Jackie Kennedy

Looking up at ESB


George Washington Bridge1

George Washington Bridge2

George Washington Bridge3

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