Niagara, NY 18..19 July, 2003

East Coast of USA (9 of 9) :

To Canada

Ali in coffee shop (flash)

Ali in coffee shop (no flash)

Ali at the horseshoe falls

Ali flashed at horseshoe falls

Closer to the falls

Closer to falls (no flash)

The American falls

Robin at horseshoe falls

Below the horseshoe falls

Below the falls

Below - looking to American falls

Getting wet

Tunnel behind the falls

Amazing - portal 1

Amazing - portal 2

Maid of the Mists

Looking north

Ali and rainbow

Ali, rainbow on American falls

Robin - rainbow over horseshoe falls

Ali - rainbow over horseshoe falls

Dinner - what a view

Dinner - still hard to see the view

The Canadian falls and flag





American falls

American falls at night

Canadian falls floodlit


Fireworks at Niagra

Niagra rainbow

Ali at the American Falls

Looking towards Canada

Robin with Canada behind

Ali with Canada behind

More wet punters

Bridal Viel falls and the Maid

Robin with wee ball flag

Ali at the Top of the Falls

Ali above Horeshoe falls

Where is superman

A lot of water going over

Even more wet punters

Ali at the whirlpool

Robin and US powerstation

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