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The highlight of 2003 was our sabbatical vacation in the USA. The low point was the death of my Father Duncan in November.

After every 5 years of service with Adobe, employees are rewarded with a 3 week paid sabbatical vacation. We added an extra week to that to be able to enjoy the longest vacation of our life. 4 weeks and 3 days of freedom from the normal grind of life. It was incredible. We spent 1 week in Alaska followed by 3 weeks on the East Coast of the USA. We explored from Washington DC to Maine and visited Philadelphia, New York and Boston. We did museums, battle fields of the civil war, Cape Cod, visited friends, and did lots of walks.

Best of all, I completed both my projects before leaving the office and returned to find everything under control. I gained no weight. So it was stress-free from beginning to end. Even arriving back at work was pleasant.

Another highlight of the year was the Khanna Wedding in June. I enjoyed a visit from my son Jamie from England - while Ali was in England for a couple of months. We enjoyed a visit in England at New Year from my Finnish friend Veli Veikko Niskanen. We had a trip to Scotland in May - sadly the last time I was to see my father. I've chosen not to publish photographs taken in Largs in November on our trip to his funeral.


June 2003
Bride and Groom
Sept 2003
Young's Wedding
Jaime's Wedding

June 2003
Anchorage, Alaska
Anchorage Marathon
Glaciers in Alaska
Seward, Alaska
Homer, Alaska
Return from Anchorage

I can't believe
this is my hobby!
Lake Tahoe 2002
Honolulu 2002
Santa Cruz Half 2003
Anchorage 2003
Providian 200 mile relay
Big Sur 10k
Santa Barbara Half

July 2003
One photo per day
Washington, DC
Smithsonian, Washington
Monticello, VA
Gettysburg, PA
New York City
Mystic, CT
Cape Cod, MA
Boston, MA
Niagra Falls

Trips to Britain
May 2003
Largs - May 2003
Flying over California
Scotland August 2003
August Bank BBQ
Christmas 2003
Scouts Xmas 2003
New Year's Eve
Jan 2, 2004
Jan 3, 2004
Jan 4, 2004
Lots of nice
in California
Dieting Fall 2002
Robin's Birthday
Skiing at Tahoe
Campbell Games
Climbing HalfDome
Yosemite Valley
Adobe Picnic
Strider's Clambake
Brian's BBQ
Giant's Baseball
Light the Night
Breakfast at Hobees
Lizzie's Birthday
Terri and Jenny's Birthday
Team in Training
CIM Sacramento

Jamie's Visit
Aug/Sept 2003
Saturday - Baseball
Sunday - Highland Games
Monday - Labor Day
Tuesday - Jill and Karen
Wednesday - Buddy Holly
Fri/Sat - Down the coast

January 2003
Unveiling Burn's Statue
Burn's Supper in Evening

DOE Expeditions
July 2003
Silver Expeditions
Gold Expediations


April 2003
Reunion Photographs
Photos by Alistair Mills
Unfortunately, Ali and I couldn't attend

I purchased a Sony Cybershot DSC-S85 Digital Camera in March 2002 and I love it - it's a 4mb device and easy to use.

I liked the camera so much I decided to spend some money on a digital SLR and I purchased a Canon Rebel EOS Digital Rebel 6mb SLR in September 2003 - just fantastic!

I've had a lot of fun writing some desktop software to manage the photographs - including the web photo publisher used on this site.

I'm indebted to my friend Veli-Veikko Niskanen in Finland for the stylesheet and gif's used to display the photographs.

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