Robin Mills

I am a retired software engineer. I worked for Adobe Systems in San Jose, California. I was Senior Computer Scientist/Project Lead in the Print Technology Group (PostScript).

When I left Adobe in 2007, I did contracts for several years at Novariant, Trimble, Apple and Adobe.

I've been very active for 7 years with the Exiv2 Open Source Project.

I'm no longer looking for employment as I am focused on completing my "bucket list": click here.

If you would like to download my résumé (CV) please click on these links:

CV.doc - Word for Windows format
CV.pdf - PDF (Acrobat format)
CV.exe - A Slide Presentation of my career

There are several things on which I have worked, which have given me great satisfaction:

Simple Steer

State of the art (2013) HTML5 Tablet Application to steer a farm tractor. This product won the prestigious "Innovation of 2013" Award from AES - the Agricultural Engineering Society. A "first in the world" product.

I worked on lots of different stuff at Novariant including: porting their core code to Windows, test manufacturing software, Java and JavaScript UIs, radio application and GPS code. I also worked closed with several of their partner/VARs in the USA and Europe.


When I worked for JP in Helsinki, I implemented a 2d CAD system RDS - Robin's Drafting System. This system was written for the Apollo Workstation. The system provided all the usual of features of a CAD systema and many unique and innovative features. The system had its own windowing system. It also had a programming language and debugger for user application development.


I had a contract with Agfa Gevaert in Antwerp, Belgium for 3 years (1992-1995) to implement a PostScript interpreter "AgfaScript". This shipped in the Phenom Rip marketed by Agfa and ti drive the Canon Colour Laser Copiers which are re-badged by Agfa. The system is also in the CR-A rip which is used on ChromaPress - the World's first digital printing press.

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