Smithsonian, Washington, DC - 6/30/2003

East Coast of USA (2 of 9) :

On this day we went to visit the Smithsonian - which has the world's largest and most impressive museum. It's contained in 12 or so building. We visited the space museum which has really extraordinary exhibits such as Apollo 11, the Wright Brothers aircraft, The Spirit of St Louis and other unique aviation artifacts of the 20th century. Any of the exhibits would be a worthy centre piece in any museum. To see all this stuff in a single location is quite a sight.

We also visited the cemetry at Arlington, the Marine's War Memorial and the Pentegon.

Apollo 11

Wright Airplane

Breitling Orbiter

Mercury 7 (John Glen)

Spirit of St Louis

Gemini 4

Yaeger's plane

Very famous aircraft


ME 109




Ali in the National Mall

Robin at National Archives

Museum of American History

Jordan's Shirt

Silent 700

Commodore 64

Mac and IBM-PC

Kennedy's Grave

JFK and Jackie Kennedy

Looking up from Kennedy's grave

JFK Words

Bobby Kennedy's Grave

Ali at Arlington House

From Arlington House towards Washington

View from Arlington

Iwo Jima Memorial

Marine Memorial

Those guys from the rear

The Pentagon

Pentagon closeup

Driving past Pentagon

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