Tartan and Kilts

I have 4 kilts and there are 2 other tartans used on this web site. For folks who are wondering about the difference between a tartan and a kilt, the first is a design and the second is a garment. Americans often use the word "plaid" instead of tartan. The word "plaid" is a sash made from tartan cloth.

State of California

One of Gov Gray Davis' lessor known achievements was to sign a bill in 2001 for the official tartan of the State of California! It is a small modification from the Muir tartan. John Muir (an immigrant of Scottish descent) persuaded Lincoln to declare Yosemite an official Wilderness - a fore-runner to the National Park. Muir's contribution to California is recognised in the tartan. Additionally Muir is on the State Quarter (25 ¢) coin.

Largs and District

I was born in Largs. The tartan was designed around 1980 and is very popular with the people of Largs. The original certificate awarding the tartan is in the museum in Largs. Garments (mostly ladies skirts) were sold in a shop in the Main Street in Largs. That business closed and I'm not sure if it's possible to buy the Largs tartan today. My kilt in one of the few Gent's kilts ever made in the tartan and will be donated to the Largs Museum.

X Marks the Scot

We are informal members of a group of eccentrics called "The NorCal Rabble". They are Scottish affectionados and wear kilts and do Scottish things. We've been to their Burns Supper 3 times. The group tartan is "X Marks the Scot". I like their tartan and decided to buy a kilt. It was modest in price as it's polyester and not wool.

Hunter and Microsoft Wallpaper

My running kilt is Hunter. It's a $50 polyester kilt. Goes in the machine for laundry. It's kind of fun and has pockets! It's not nearly smart enough to wear to a function.

The wallpaper of clanmills.com was part of Microsoft Windows 3.1. It's very like Hunter, although I don't think it's a really tartan. The background on this page is also a Microsoft invention "argyle".

One of the nice features of the Microsoft graphics is that they have been rotated by 45 degrees. This makes it easy to see the difference between the wallpaper and windows on the desktop. Well done to the folks in Redmond.

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