Robin's Training Schedule

I'm delighted to be involved in training for marathons with my marvellous friends Penny and Dennis. Penny is from Australia and Dennis is from New Zealand. We've been training together for almost 3 years. Penny qualified in December 2004 for the Boston Marathon. Dennis' ambition lies at other distances and events. He's recently done a series of mini-triathlon's (swim, bike and run).

I qualified for Boston at Silicon Valley Marathon in San Jose on October 30, 2005. I was delighted to finish in 3hr 40mins - very comfortably inside my qualifying time of 3hr 45mins. I was slightly quicker on the way back (1.50) than the way out (1.51). My fastest mile was 8.00 and slowest was 8.45 - so steady pace. Boston Qualifying Times

Penny beat me as usual in Silicon Valley with a blistering 3hr 37mins and was 1st in her division. Congratulations, Penny - you're a really good athlete.

So now we have to think about the next goal. Penny and Dennis are thinking about the American River 50 mile run in April, 2006. I think I'm more interested in the Miwok 100km. I've done some work on the Miwok Maps with Tia Bodington, the Race Director. Miwok's quite a challenge because 100km is twice as far as I've ever run in a day. However there's 6 months to train for the event in May 2006. We'll see. I expect we'll run in Boston next April.

Looking beyond that is the possiblity of Western States 100 mile Endurance Race. I think Penny will be able to do that in a couple of years. Western States is one of the toughest endurance races in the USA. Anyway, one step at a time. It took Penny and me 3 years to qualify for Boston - we've probably run about 5000 miles to achieve this. And it feels good.

I'd like to thank everybody for their encouragement and support to make all of this happen. Ali, Penny, Dennis and Jim have been inspirational. And I've had lots of good advice and help from members of our running club Stevens Creek Striders. Peggy and Bill even came to run with me for a while at the Marathon. And of course my colleagues at Adobe and "old" chums from the TNT Walk Team. Thanks everybody.

My wonderful friends Dennis and Penny
Robin, Dennis and Penny
after the US Half Marathon
San Francisco, Oct 2003

I love to run
Robin running in US Half - Oct 2003.

Penny finishing, Robin and Penny celebrating Victory, Robin at mile 10.

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