Washington, DC - 6/29/03

East Coast of USA (1 of 9) :

Every 5 years at Adobe, employees are allowed to take 3 weeks "sabbatic" leave. What a terrific benefit. You're forced to take a long vacation! So we took an extra week - to make it more than 4 weeks away from home. The longest vacation in our life.

We thought about NZ, Vietnam and some other exotic locations, before having the great idea "Let's go and look for America!". So we went to Alaska for the first week. click here

The next three weeks were spent touring the East Coast of America and we visited Washington, DC, Philadelphia, NY, Boston, Maine and Niagara. A really amazing and unforgettable vacation.

The trip began with flying from San Jose (SJC) to Baltimore (WIA) - changing in Chicago. On our first day in Washington we explored the sights of the Mall, the Memorials, The Whitehouse, and The Capitol. Washington is very impressive - no less than you'd expect from the capital of the richest country in the World.

Taking off at SJC

Silicon Valley

First Street

Downtown San Jose

Downtown San Jose2

Ali at Capitol

Ali at 4th July Stage

Robin at Grant Memorial

Robin and the Washington Memorial

Robin at Reflection Pool

Ali at Lincoln Memorial


Abe close up

Ali at Lincoln Memorial3

Robin at the White House

Ali at the White House

Ali at White House2

Most Famous House in World

Ali at the Ellipse

Pennsylvania Avenue


Canadian Embassy

Liberty Bell

Union Station

Supreme Court

The Capitol

Steps of Supreme Court

Library of Congress

Fountain at Library

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson's words

Ali behind Jefferson

Ali and the Jefferson Memorial

Robin and President Roosevelt

Ali and FDR

Robin and Mrs Roosevelt

The FDR Memorial

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