Finland - July 2002

Ali and I had a great holiday in Finland in July 2002. We flew from LHR (Heathrow) to HEL (Helsinki) on July 4, 2002. We were met at the airport by my old boss from Jaakko Pöyry - Kalevi Keto.

Kalevi drove us to South West Finland to the home of Leena and Timo. Leena also works for JP and Timo's a retired Finnair Captain. They have a beautiful house beside the sea - and have a small harbour and ocean going yacht. Veli Veikko was waiting at Leena's with his motor cruiser

We stayed at Leena's overnight and had dinner and sauna and talked about "the good old days"

Then we set off on Veli Veikko's boat and visited GullKrona and Innamo. We ended up in Naantali and had dinner and dancing in an outdoor restaurant. Then we flew back from Turku to Helsinki, then back to London.

I highly recommend Finland has a holiday destination. The summer weather's usually beautiful - long warm summer days with blue sky. Finland is now good value for money and you always get good quality food and accomodation.

Innamo Panoramic Montage

Ali at Heathrow

Kalevi taking picture


First Euro Advert

At Leena's

At Leena's2

At Leena's3

Dinner at Leena's1

Dinner at Leena's2

Leena's boat

Leaving Leena's


Ali at Hogsara

Hogsara Pier



Ali at Gullkrona

Mattina at Gullkrona

VVN Sunset at Gullkrona

Breakfast at Gullkrona

Gullkrona panorama

VeliVeikko & Ali at Gullkrona

Yacht harbour at Gullkrona

Yachts at Gullkrona

Nature walk at Gullkrona2

Kala kaupa

Children playing at Gullkrona

Leaving Gullkrona

Other ships at Gullkrona

VVN piloting out of Gullkrona

Ali pilots Mattina

VVN secures ship for voyage

Under way

VV and sloop

Viking ferry

Flag and Viking Ferry

Mattina and VV at Innamo




Deck at Innamo

Boats at Innamo

Clubhouse at Innamo


Ferry arriving


Innoma panorama1

Innoma panorama2

Innoma panorama3

Innoma panorama4

Innoma panorama5

Innoma panorama6

Innamo - ship in distance

VV at sauna

Sauna from pier

Commodore and VV

Commodore and VV's boats

Commodore's boat

Ali and Commodore's boat

Flag VV and Commodore's wife

VV and Commodore's wife

Somewhere in the Baltic

A Summer Cottage

At sea

On Mattina

Back of Silja Line Ship

Car Ferry

Ship at anchor

Ensign and Viking Ferry

Viking near Turku

Near Naantali

Approaching ferries at Naantali

Ferries at Naantali

Bridge at Naantali

Approaching Naantali Guest Harbour

Mattina in Naantali Harbour

Ali and Robin dancing

Yksii ole

VV dancing with a lady

The band

Naantali at night

Ali having lunch in Naantali

ATR at Turku

Plane at Turku

Plane leaving Turku

New runway at HEL

Helsinki Airport

Plane for London

Landing at Heathrow

Ali on plane

Ali back at Heathrow

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