Hearst Castle - November 2002

Robin at home

Alan and Ali at Pt Lobos1

Alan and Ali at Pt Lobos2

Alan and Ali at Pt Lobos3

Alan at Pt Lobos1

Alan at Pt Lobos2

Ali and Alan on trail

Ali and Seals

Alan and Ali at Pt Lobos4


Robin and Alan at Pt Lobos

Alan and Ali at Pt Lobos5

Sunset at San Simeon

Breakfast in San Simeon

Visitor Center at Hearst Castle

Casa Grande

Heast Castle from bus

The Docent

The bungalow

Ali and Neptune Pool

Steps of Venus

What a pool

The steps

Alan at Neptune pool

Neptune Pool

Hills around Hearst Castle

Ali at Hearst Castle


Entrance to bungalow

Inside the bungalow

Patio at Casa del Mar

Egyptian statue

In front of Casa Grande

Plaza at Casa Grande

Main Entrance

Side Entrance

The Great Hall

The Tennis Courts

The indoor pool

Leaving on bus

From the bus


The view

Last glimpse

Alan at visitor center


Alan and Ali at dinner

Everybody at dinner



Climbing the Pinnacles

Ali and Alan at the Pinnacles

Ali and Alan on the way up


Sitting down

Ali at the top

Robin on final assault

Robin reaches the top

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